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I am a Spanish teacher. I was born and raised in Northern Spain, and have been teaching foreign languages since my high school years, when I would tutor English to my Spanish classmates.

I offer live online classes for a 32 weeks full academic year curriculum designed for homeschool students who are doing work at the middle to high school level. I also enjoy helping parents to teach Spanish to their younger children and I write a blog which provides ideas and links to different fun lessons and activities for them.

So take a look at my background and courses, and contact me with any questions. Let's help your children speak Spanish, and get a good education that will be just as solid on paper as in practice!

  • Homeschooling children in middle or high school levels? 

  • Looking for a Spanish program that will give them a strong academic foundation?

  • Feeling that a computer package like Rosetta Stone is poorly suited as a solid curriculum?

  • Wishing there was a full 2-3 year Spanish program that would look attractive in college applications?

  • Seeking professional support that will help you put it all together?

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