homeschool spanish tutor

maria mayor

  • Expertise is first priority that comes to mind. Spanish as a foreign language, like Music or Physical Education, is a special subject which requires not only academic preparation, but the mastery of a particular skill. We expect music teachers to play musical instruments, and coaches to be players of some sport or another, and Spanish teachers to speak Spanish, besides knowing about things like grammar, history and social sciences, because a language has many cultural and historical facts embedded in it. So it is particularly difficult to find a cohesive Spanish curriculum that can be comprehensive and thorough enough to provide what a homeschooled child may need. 

What challenges do most parents face when it comes down to homeschooling a popular foreign language like Spanish?
How do my courses help you succeed through these challenges?
  • My students follow an online textbook by a major publishing house, based on a full 3 year academic curriculum which is used by thousands of middle and high schools in America.

  • Lessons present culture, grammar and history through fun videos and audio-visual material and activities.

  • I follow students progress through weekly online classes, where we go over the week's activities, content and preparation. Students are also encouraged to get involved in class forum participation.

  • I provide students with opportunities to collaborate in projects to interact in Spanish

  • I have created additional resources like Electronic Audio Flashcards and a website of Spanish games based on the material covered to increase the diversity of exposure to Spanish, and help students study and practice with informal self-assessment testing.

  • There are also formal quizzes and exams to help you and your children keep track of progress more objectively.

  • Each level is divided in two semesters, with classes meeting once a week for 16 weeks each term. At the end of the second term a certificate of completion is given, with a grade based on quizzes, exams and participation.

          Check the webpage that explains in more detail and contact me for any questions or for next semester

  • Quality-Price ratio is another common concern. Choices are limited for homeschoolers. It is almost impossible to find affordable offers of a Spanish curriculum covering all the requirements that a proficiency in Spanish demands.

  • Consistency comes near the top as well when it comes down to finding a Spanish curriculum. If you want your children to continue on to higher education, most colleges will favor candidates with 2 to 3 years of a foreign language. Where can you find an affordable Spanish curriculum with the academic quality desired by colleges and the expert personal guidance that you and your children will need?